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Takes the name from the Sadowsky. This Bass mimics the Sadowsky style.

P01_CAD_Design P02_CAD_Design P03_CAD_Design P04_Milling Necks P05_Milling_Body1 P06_Milling_Body2 P07_Milling_Body2 P08_Milling_Body1 P09_Headstock_Logo P10_Fretboards P11_Fire_Logo P12_Fire_Logo P13_Read_for_Painting P14_Ready_for_Painting P15_Painting1 P16_Painting2 P17_Transparent_Painting P18_Transparent_Painting P19_Transparent_Painting P20_Ready_For_Assembly P21_Ready_For_Assembly P22_Assembling P23_Assembling P24_Assembling P25_Assembling P26_Carbon_Fiber_Cover P27_Complete P28_Body P29_Complete P30_Body

Neck: Bolt On. One made by 3 sections of maple and Wengè, the other in Maple only; strengthened by an inner graphite frame.
Truss Rod: Single Double Action.
Headstock: Standard Fender Jazz Bass Style.
Body: One laminated of Mahogany with Maple Top and Back, the other in Swamp Ash
Fretboard: Rosewood
Scale: 34"
Machine head: Hipshot
Bridge: Hipshot
Pickup: EMG Active.
Nut: Carbon Fiber.


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