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The Project

Bass Bridge with Dynamic String Spacing was the idea behind this project.

Tipically the Bass Bridges have a static String Spacing that have to be decided prior to order the Bass Bridge.

Our idea was to Design an innovative Bridge where the String Spacing can be decided at any time even after it has been mounted on your valued Bass Guitar.


As shown above, the simple rotation of an allen nut will space all the saddles simultaneously.

The Peval™ Bridge has undergone a deep test phase, prior to enter the market.

We can produce now this Bridge for 4 Strings and 5 Strings Bass guitar in many Material compinations.

Prototype images shows the two advanced registration method of the Peval Bridge:

1) The Allen nut for Strings Spacing


2) The Single Screw for Saddle Height Registration


The Top Class will be the Titanium Bridge. Done completely in Titanium to enhance Sound Quality.

It can be made with other materials such as Alluminium, Brass, TilkMax (a Special kind of Plastic) and some combinations of these materials.

Here you may see the first replacement of a Standard Bridge with a Peval Bridge. This Peval Bridge is a prototype and it is not "finished", just mounted for testing purposes.

Original Bridge Peval Bridge

The Peval™ Bridge will be available with the Titanium Saddles on all models.

Take a look to the Peval Bridge in action:

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Below you may see some CAD images of the 4 Strings and 5 Strings Peval™ Bridges in action.

4C_AGP_16 4C_AGP_20 4C_GGP_16 4C_GGP_20 4C_TPP_16 4C_TPP_20 4C_TTP_16 4C_TTP_20 4C_allT_16 4C_allT_20 5C_TPP_16 5C_TPP_20 5C_allT_16 5C_allT_20

For more information you may contact me at: info@pevalbass.com

If you need some Ordering information, Price list and Ordering options, please do not hesitate to contact me at: peval@pevalbass.com

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