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The Challenge

Peval Bridge

PevalBass presents the Best Bass Guitar Bridge since ever!
(PevalBridge: Patent application submitted )

The Status

  1. When you buy a Bass Bridge you have to decide what String Spacing you will need.
  2. The Fine Tuning of the String Height is defined by two Socked Head Screws that will never be exactly at the same height.
  3. The Intonation Screw usually need a Spring.
  4. The typical materials used in construction are just traditional.

The Facts

  1. By far the most flexible Bass Bridge on the market.
  2. The perfect combination of sound properties and versatile usability of all Bass Bridge constructions on the market.
  3. The sound is high defined and it has a quick responsiveness.
  4. Unusual Material Combinations will enhance the Sound Quality.
  5. Innovative Design and Appearance, it further emphasises the Bass Guitar’s Design.

The Innovations

  1. The String Spacing can be change at any time even with String Tuned by just rotating an Allen Nut Special Screw.
  2. The Fine Tuning of String Height is controlled with a Single Socket Head Screw.
  3. The Intonation Tuning doesn’t need any Spring component.
  4. The bridge vibratory mass has been minimised.

The bridge is low-maintenance due to materials used and production methods.

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